Welcome to Fairy Cottage Astrology!

Did you ever wish you could go to a secret fairy cottage in the woods just on the other side of the veil of this world and consult a wrinkly wizard with a big smile and a kind heart about matters of the soul? Or just ask for advice, and he’d give you one of those long looks that pierce right to your soul and then tell you not what you expected but what you needed to hear in that moment to make your next step?

Well, you are in luck! I am still working on the “wrinkly” part, but everything else is in place. Maybe by the time my face is sufficiently wrinkled, I will be so wise that I can do it with just one look into your eyes, but for now, I will also utilize the tools of evolutionary astrology, tarot, counseling, and intuition. My aim is to support, nurture, and guide the souls who find their way here. And to help those who want to align with their own souls more in everyday life.

I won’t tell you your future…probably…and if I do, then it’s by accident or synchronicity. I’m not THAT kind of wizard.

My fairy cottage is no place for flashy magic or tricks meant to impress or bamboozle. It is a place for warm-hearted guidance, healing, and laughter. I believe these caring and nurturing qualities are what some of us need most to face the truths and realities of our current time and lives. We all have to confront demons and darkness now and then, and when we do, we’ll need the inner strength that comes from knowing ourselves and our true path. And the strength of knowing how “we”, as individuals, face challenges in a way that helps us grow and mature, rather than repeating what no longer moves us forward or just conforms with social expectations. What better place is there to find some of that than by the warm fireplace or in the blooming garden of a mysterious cottage in the woods that not everyone can find and to which only your heart can guide you?

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